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3-Day Power Milk Booster Set consisting of our full range of products:

Cookies + Brownies + Granola

Try a little of everything and decide what you love!

Our 3-Day Bundle (Worth $59) comes with:

3pcs Brownies (Worth $20)

240g Granola Bottle (Worth $19)

15pcs (approx 250g) Cookies (Worth $21) 


This will be accompanied with a consumption guide recommended for optimal results. Happy Milking!

3 Days Milk Booster Set

  • Granolas & cookies are delivered in resealable bags to ensure ultimate freshness upon reaching your hands.

    Store granolas properly sealed in room temperature to maintain its freshness for up to 3 months. 

    Store cookies properly sealed in room temperature to maintain its freshness for up to 1 month and 3 months if refrigerated. 

    Brownies can be kept for up to 3 days in room temperature & 7 days if refrigerated. Warm brownies in microwave for 20s before consuming.

    It's so yummy, it may not last that long!

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