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About Clookies

Mother's Kiss

Clookies was founded from a mother's love for her baby, to provide adequate breastmilk to meet her daily needs.

This led to months of research and experiment for the perfect lactation cookie recipe, with just the right balance of nutrition, taste & texture.

Years on, Clookies has expanded its products to include lactation brownies, lactation granolalactation muffins and other alternatives for the Vegan mummy community.

Since 2018, Clookies has helped tens of thousands of breastfeeding mothers improve their milk supply and quality, effectively solving one of the major stress factors in their role as a new mother.

Always true to our belief, your successful breastfeeding journey is what keeps us going.

Your success story will serve to motivate and inspire new mothers embarking on this journey, when the tough gets going.

Lastly... More Clookies, More Milk!

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Clookies operates from a SFA certified bakery and we are all licensed food handlers.

We emphasize on using quality, organic ingredients, and we source for Halal-certified ingredients for all our products.

All of Clookies' products are produced and delivered within a 24-hour window to ensure ultimate freshness.

 For this to happen, we have the wonderful Clookies team of Bakers and our reliable courier partner to thank!



Our success is only as good as yours. We are happy to give you customized advice on how best to consume our bakes based on your needs and body's response.

We know from experience that breastfeeding can be a tough (and sometimes lonely) journey, and we promise that our bakes will make that journey more enjoyable for you!

Just drop us a text via WhatsApp at 9109 9724 if you have any queries!

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