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Lactation Cookies Singapore

Clookies - The Best Organic Lactation Cookies in Singapore

Are you having trouble with your breast milk production? You're not alone.

In the past two decades, reports have shown that 2/3 of infants are not breastfed. Along with pain and the trouble of getting your baby to do a good latch, having low breast milk supply is one of the most distressing concerns for new moms.

That's where Clookies come in. 

Our delicious Singapore lactation cookies are formulated to boost your breast milk supply with our nutritious, all organic & halal-certified ingredients list.


Each order is accompanied with a customized consumption guide to maximize results!

Boost Your Breastmilk Supply with Clookies Lactation Cookies - Organic, Low Sugar, High in Protein & Fiber

Freshly baked upon order, our lactation cookies are made from 5 key milk-boosting ingredients:

Brewer's Yeast, Flaxseed Meal, Rolled Oats, Steel-Cut Oats and Chia Seeds.

These natural and organic ingredients are packed with galactagogues that increase your breast milk supply. Not to mention, these ingredients are packed with vitamins and minerals that improve your overall health.

After all, you need to be a healthy mama if you want to take care of your baby!

Brewer's Yeast.png
Brewer's Yeast.png

Brewer's Yeast



  • Full of nutrients to induce healthy lactation.

  • Packed with B vitamins which are essential in many body processes that facilitate a smooth breastfeeding journey.

  • Usually used for making bread and beer.

  • One of the few natural galactagogues rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

  • The healthy fats supplement your breastmilk supply with essential nutrients for a baby's developing immune system.

  • May prevent allergies in babies.

  • Both rolled oats and steel-cut oats are used for increase fiber & a better texture

  • Contains a high concentration of saponins, an immune-stimulating compound.

  • Helps increase prolactin levels, an essential hormone for milk production.

  • Widely known as a superfood that is high in fiber & helps reduce high blood pressure.

  • Full of antioxidants, B-complex vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

  • Excellent for Diabetes prevention, boost metabolism & improving gut health.

Chia Seeds

Vegan  Dairy-Free Lactation Treats Singapore.jpg

Clookies is one of the few brands that sell vegan lactation cookies in Singapore. Perfect for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.

We use 100% virgin coconut oil in this line of lactation cookies for nursing mummies & babies who are lactose-intolerant or have vegan dietary requirements.

Vegan & Dairy-Free Lactation Treats Singapore

We know you may have concerns, here are the common ones:

Do lactation cookies really work?

The short answer is: Yes.

But keep in mind that lactation cookies are not a miracle cure, and you should know when to consult a doctor. For example, if you have a chronically low milk supply, insufficient milk ducts, hormonal inbalance, or on medication.

Regardless, these healthy treats have serious milk boosting properties, especially when taken in conjunction with other methods such as proper hydration and an nutrient-rich & calorie-sufficient diet. It is important to note that a breastfeeding mother shsould be consuming at least 3L to 4L of water per day and will require 500 more calories than the average female, in otder to support milk production.

When should I start taking lactation cookies?

You can start taking lactation cookies (and most lactation bakes) in the weeks leading up to birth. For best results, you may start consuming from Week 36 onwards.

However, we strongly advise pregnant women to avoid galactagogues that contain fenugreek. This is because fenugreek stimulates uterine contractions and may induce labour, particularly in late pregnancies.

All of Clookies' products DOES NOT contain any fenugreek in them.

Another ingredient to note is flaxseed. When consumed raw, it may have dire consequence on a pregnant mum's blood pressure. It is important to consume this superfood in appropriate quantity for it to have a positive effect on your body, which includes lowering blood sugar & aiding in constipation issues. Clookies uses grounded flaxseed in our products, which allows for better absorption & baked well to eliminate negative effects on pregnant mums.

If you have already given birth, you may start taking Clookies' lactation products immediately to give you that extra boost to kick-start your breastfeeding journey.

If you are already halfway through your breastfeeding journey and notice dips in milk production, due to an illness, stress or even your menses returning, taking at least 3 days worth of Clookies will allow you to see a difference in your milk production. For sustained increase, we recommend that you check in with us at our hotline + consume at least 1 week worth of Clookies.

In the correct quantity, they can take as little as 24 hours to see results!

How many lactation cookies should I take?

We recommend around 8 cookies per day for Clookies' lactation cookies. If you need bespoke advice, reach out to our lactation consultants for a customised consumption guide.