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Corporate Social Responsibility

Clookies believes in giving back & doing good. Doing good business, and doing good in business is a philosophy we live by.


Empowering Women & Supporting Unsupported Pregnancy

Safe Place

Becoming a mum is a joyous milestone. Unfortunately, not all women are able to view their pregnancy as a positive event. Financial worries, broken relationships and health issues can cause the news of a pregnancy to be an immense burden.

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Safe Place desires to see women able to: 

  • Take personal responsibility and ownership of their lives and situations 

  • Receive relevant information and resources to make the best choices for themselves and their child 

  • View parenthood and their future through eyes of hope 


Safe Place's services include case management, counselling, pre- and post-natal equipping, community networks and referrals. Through the Baby Safe scheme, eligible mothers will receive baby essentials for a minimum of one year. These items include diapers, feeding necessities, clothes, breast pumps, baby carriers and strollers. 


They are the only initiative in Singapore that provides dedicated temporary accommodation for pregnant mothers up to four months after the birth of their child. This gives the new mothers a supportive community for the parenthood journey ahead, as well as opportunities to learn practical skills of baby care from our skilled and experienced volunteers. 


Safe Place serves all mothers regardless of marital status, age, income level, race and religion & since February 2018, have served more than 200 women and families. 


Safe Place is an initiative of Lakeside Family Services.

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