Common Breastfeeding Problems & Solutions

In commemoration of World Breastfeeding Week from 1st - 7th Aug 2022, we will be talking about the common problems mothers face when breastfeeding as well as some tips and tricks to help you! This week is meant to not only raise awareness about breastfeeding but also to encourage support for mummies around the world who face issues breastfeeding. This year’s theme “Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet” looks at protecting and promoting women's access to skilled breastfeeding counselling, a critical component of breastfeeding support.


It is important to know that some mummies may not be able to breastfeed for various medical reasons and that is perfectly Okay! You are still doing an amazing job raising your baby with the advice of your doctor or lactation specialist so do not feel like you are any less. For the mummies who are able to breastfeed and might be new to this journey, we are here to make this an easy and simple process!

Inverted Nipples

Problem: One or both nipples don’t protrude from the breast making it difficult for babies to latch.


  1. Shape your breast by pulling back on the breast tissue, rolling your nipples and pinching gently on the areola

  2. Use a breast pump to draw out your nipple immediately before breastfeeding

  3. Use a nipple shield with the guidance of a lactation professional

Latching Pain

Problem: Extremely sore nipples post-breastfeeding