Pregnancy Discharge: What They Mean & When to See A Doctor

By now, I'm sure the initial excitement from the news of your pregnancy has worn off, and with your pregnancy setting in, your body must be experiencing all sorts of weird and mind-boggling changes. Breast swelling, enlarged veins, lengthened feet and most of all, you acquire what everyone calls “pregnancy glow”.

Even so, your body could continue to surprise you with yet another unexpected change – the pregnancy discharge.

Pregnancy Myths, Dos, and Donts

So, what is a pregnancy discharge?

Pregnancy discharge (also called leukorrhea), or more commonly known, vaginal discharge is a thin, white, creamy fluid that comes from the vagina.

Now, before you start to worry, let me assure you that every woman has vaginal discharge whether they are pregnant or not. This is a completely natural way for women to expel fluids and dead cells from their bodies. Vaginal discharge is made up of fluids from your cervix, uterus and vagina. The production of vaginal discharge varies in different ways for different women: consistency, thickness, frequency and amount.

On the lookout, a healthy vaginal discharge:
  • Usually clear to milky white in color

  • Has a mild odor but not one of foul smelling

  • May leave a yellowish tint in your underwear

  • Thin to thick/mucus-like – different consistency following your menstrual cycle

healthy vaginal discharge