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These crunchy, fruit & nut cookies are sure to be a favourite!


All our Lactation Cookies are low in sugar, with just the right amount to give you a tasty bite and not overwhelm you with sweetness! Every piece of our cookie is delicately hand-made and freshly baked upon order, to ensure ultimate freshness upon delivery!


Take 6 to 8 pieces per day to help in your milk flow and supply!


350gm: approx 20pcs

500gm: approx 30pcs

Cranberry Pistachio

SKU: 0007
  • All of Clookie's cookies are delivered in air-tight resealable bags to ensure ultimate freshness upon reaching your hands.

    The cookies may be stored in an air-tight container in room temperature to maintain its freshness of up to 1 month. If you wish to keep your cookies longer than that, please place them in the fridge and they can be kept for up to 3 months.

    That being said, our cookies are so yummy that a bag will be finished up in less than a week! We promise!

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