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Lactation Consultant Singapore

Clookies completes your Breastfeeding journey
with our Lactation Consultants to support you throughout

Tailored Breastfeeding Support Singapore

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Our caring team of lactation consultants are all mums who have been through our own breastfeeding experience & received professional training. We've probably lived through the same experience you're going through right now.

We can empathize with you because we've been you.

Not just that, we've done months of research, tried different remedies, even went for lactation consultations ourselves.

Now, right at your fingertips, you've got the answers you need, without the hassle that we went through.

Clookies' goal is to make the entire breastfeeding process easier for newly breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Our Services Include:

  • offering positioning and latching techniques.

  • providing emotional support with breastfeeding counselling.

  • troubleshooting any problems that come up in your breastfeeding experience.

  • tailor practical solutions that works around your lifestyle & what you want for your baby.


Our down-to-earth lactation consultants are only a message away.

Contact us via Whatsapp at 9109 9724 or email us at

Customised Clookies Advice for Low Milk Supply

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You know our lactation bakes do wonders when it comes to increasing breast milk supply.

But you may not know how much exactly to consume when it comes to you as an individual.

After all, serving sizes are not universal. Different breastfeeding mums may need a different amount of Clookies bakes based on factors such as lifestyle and occupation.

That's where our lactation consultant can help you.

Firstly, you have to fill out this form to help us understand your unique biological outline.


Then, our lactation consultant will tailor a comprehensive breastfeeding approach that will address your body's needs.

Our lactation consultant will help you become the best breastfeeding mother you can ever be!

Lactation Consultant Services Singapore

A lactation consultant can help you through your breastfeeding journey..jpeg

You don't know where to begin when it comes to breastfeeding.

You think you have blocked ducts.

How does a breast pump even work?

You don't know who to ask for help.

That's where Clookies comes in.

We take everything into account in order to optimise your milk supply for breastfeeding sessions with your baby.

The most common issue that breastfeeding mums in Singapore face is time constraints. One of the best ways to encourage breast milk production is to pump after your child has latched.

However, those who don't have the luxury of time may find it hard to do so. Thus, we will provide alternatives that take account of your lifestyle choices.

Just send us a message with a list of issues that are troubling you.

That's right. It's that easy. Help is only a text away!

Once we receive your message, a lactation consultant will provide in-text support for all your worries.

With the experienced guidance of your lactation consultant, the rest of your breastfeeding journey will be a breeze!

Post-Partum Counselling Services Singapore

Reach out for breastfeeding counselling..jpeg

Judgement-free counselling services cannot be under-estimated as an important part of the post-partum journey.

The 1st few weeks & months of being a new mum (or even a 2nd time / 3rd time mum) can be emotionally demanding, as you do your best in balancing the needs of your new family member, other family members & most importantly, yourself,

If you ever feel that you could be sinking into depression, seek help before it gets serious. At least 20% of mothers develop postpartum depression and it's essential to identify the signs in order to address the issue as soon as possible.

Get in Touch with Clookies:

Via WhatsApp: +65 9109 9724

Via Email:

Our Charges:

Lactation Consultation Service

Starting from $45 for 20 minute tele-consult

Starting from $128 for 45 minute house-call (extra time charges apply)

Counselling Service

Starting from $30 for 20 minute tele-consult

Starting from $108 for 45 minute house-call (extra time charges apply)

*Pls contact us via WhatsApp at 91099724 to book your appointment slots early to avoid disappointment.

Limited slots available.

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