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Post Natal Depression (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Many mums are overwhelmed post-birth, when the excitement of welcoming a new-born has died down and reality strikes. The non-stop feeding, the boob engorgement, the saggy tummy, the pain (down there or c-sec wound, depending on how you delivered) and of cos, the lack of sleep. Then.... when you're sleep deprived, not thinking straight like your usual self and baby cries yet again for you-can't-figure-out-what's-the-matter-this-time, your life suddenly seems to be crumbling around you. In comes post-natal blues, or post-natal depression.

Now.... What can you do?

Clookies Says:

1. Please ask for help whenever possible. Be it something as small and simple as a glass of water (cos' BF mummy is forever thirsty) or for someone with free hands to wash the milk bottles. Don't try to be the supermum and do everything yourself. Conserve energy whenever possible!

2. Involve your partner to share parenting responsibility with you. The baby isn't yours alone, doing things together as a team is more fun!

3. Communicate your needs and what you're going through. It may be with your partner or someone you're close to. This is so that you don't feel alone and someone can be there to hear you out and perhaps help identify potential red flags should you require professional help.

4. Join a motherhood community. There are many FB groups and WA chats around where mummies of babies' in the same age group gather and share tips on breastfeeding, napping, child medication, and sometimes just to rant about random things. Such a community will help you address some common baby-related questions and also let you hear from mothers going through similar issues as you.

Before you know it, your baby will be all grown up, crawling, walking, hugging you, and saying I LOVE YOU. That's when you know, it's all worth it.

Cheers Mummies!

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