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Clookies Partner Review: Zuo Yue Food

As an Official Lactation Partner to Zuo Yue Food (坐月菜), Clookies ensures that our confinement food partner upholds the same superb standard for our customers in terms of food quality, nutrition, service & value.

Let us take the opportunity to showcase some of their brilliant menu items from the Trial Premium Set.

Photo: Zuo Yue Food Trial Premium Set

Photo: Zuo Yue Food Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters

Each Premium Set consists of their Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters with Egg & Shitake Mushroom. You can see from the photo the generous chunky serving of trotters and what you can't see from the pic, is the ooooo so savory sweet-sourish vinegar that realllllyyyyy opens up your appetite. The team at Clookies find ourselves drizzling the sauce all over our (again generous) serving of healthy mixed white & brown rice.

Photo: Zuo Yue Food Signature Papaya Threadfin Milk-Boosting Soup

Another dish worthy of mention is their Signature Papaya Threadfin Milk-Boosting Soup. This milk-boosting soup is naturally rich & sweet-tasting, brewed to perfection with all-natural ingredients and consists of large pieces of fish & papaya. The team at Clookies drank it to the last drop and were left wanting more (seriouslyyyy)! It may also be worth mentioning that all Zuo Yue Food soups come in a large thermal soup container that can easily fill 2 to 3 soup bowls for hungry mummies. Also, we consumed the food only 3 hours after arrival (we were too busy preparing cookies!) and guess what, the soup was still really warm! Totally no need to re-heat for consumption, so that's really one awesome thermal flask that they're using!

Photo: Zuo Yue Food Stir-fried Broccoli with Mushroom, Carrots & Wolfberries

The vegetables! - ZYF's vegetables is seasonal and they serve up whatever is the freshest ingredients they receive (and suitable for confinement mothers). This time round we got stir-fried broccoli with mushroom, carrots & wolfberries. It was so tasty that our 3 year old toddler kept coming back for more broccoli and kept giving the thumbs up sign! That's the best testimony ever, we needn't say more!

Photo: Zuo Yue Food Homebrewed Red Dates Longan Tea

Last on the list was the most comforting home-brewed Red Dates Longan Tea, a must-have during the confinement month to warm the body and replenish nutrients. Again, no idea what kind of awesome thermal flask they use, the Tea was kept warm for more than 12 hours. definitely the right amount of sweetness for us (this varies between individuals) and no weird after-taste like we have tried from some other confinement food brands (cannot say who haha).

Photo: Zuo Yue Food Packages and Trial Sets come in (from left to right) soup container flask, drink flask, thermal bag and tiffin carrier (tingkat) to keep all your meals fresh and warm.

You got to try for yourself, to know that this is not a biased review simply because they're our confinement food partner. It's BECAUSE they're THAT AWESOME that we're partners. If you fancy the home-cooked comfort food feel during your confinement (or even after confinement) and treasure a local business that takes great pride in their food and service quality + value-for-money, then Zuo Yue Food is definitely ranks high on the list.

You can look at Zuo Yue Food's package offers or visit their Instagram and Facebook for more reviews (just in case you STILL think we're being biased HAHAHA) from others!

Here's a special treat for Clookies customers!

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